What is hidden in 3D image?
[1957] What is hidden in 3D image? - Stereogram - 3D Image - #brainteasers #stereogram #3Dimage

What is hidden in 3D image?

Stereogram - 3D Image
#brainteasers #stereogram #3Dimage
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A guy's on the electric chair

A guy's on the electric chair. The warden's just about to pull the switch when the guy gets the hiccups.
The warden says, "Do you have any last requests?"
The guy says, "(hic) Yeah... (hic) could you please do (hic)... could you please do something to scare me?"
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George Henry Lewes

Born 18 Apr 1817; died 28 Nov 1878 at age 61. English philosopher and naturalist who is most remembered for his literary work contributing articles to reviews (1840-49) and for a couple of years was editor of the Fortnightly Review. Although without formal training, he later took an interest in science, especially physiology and pyschology, which he popularized through his books, including Physiology of Common Life. He separated from his wife in 1854, to live with Mary Ann Evans (pen-name George Eliot) as her common-law (unmarried) husband.«
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