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Flex Nerdle

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Guess the Flex NERDLE in 6 tries. After each try, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess is to the solution.

If the tile becomes GREEN, your number or operation is located at correct place. If the tile becomes RED, your number or opeartion exists within the expression, but at different place.

Top 10 Ranking Users

rank user attempts points
5.snsbotina (banned)8575
6.Glup_Kao_Kurac (banned)29973

Joke Of The Day

Doctor: What’s wrong with y...

Doctor: What’s wrong with your brother?
Boy: He thinks he is a chicken.
Doctor: really? How long has this been going on?
Boy: Five years.
Doctor: Five years!
Boy: We would have brought him in earlier, but we needed the eggs.
Source: JokesOfTHeDay.net - Brain Teasers Partner

On This Day

Andreas Marggraf

Died 7 Aug 1782 at age 73 (born 3 Mar 1709).Andreas Sigismund Marggraf was a German chemist who was a member of the Royal Academy of Science and Literature of Berlin. In 1747, Marggraf demonstrated that various kinds of beet-root contained sugar and that the sugar could be extracted and crystallized. This discovery, however, was regarded for many years as being merely a laboratory determination and without practical value. However, it led to the development of the modern sugar industry, when Franz Karl Achard, a pupil of Marggraf, attacked the problem of beet-root cultivation and succeeded in extracting sugar from beets on a greater scale.
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