Flex Wordle
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Guess the Flex WORDLE in 3 tries. After each try, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess is to the solution.

If the tile becomes GREEN, your number or operation is located at correct place. If the tile becomes RED, your number or opeartion exists within the expression, but at different place.

Joke Of The Day

Donnell Rawlings: Friends With Cool Jobs

Comedys a tough job, man. Ive got friends who got cool jobs. One of my friends, hes a porno star. Guess how he got discovered? This girl sat on his lap, and she was like, Ooh, you should do porno! Same girl sat on my lap and was like, Ooh, you should tell jokes!
Source: JokesOfTHeDay.net - Brain Teasers Partner

On This Day

Edison patent

In 1893, a patent for a "Roller for Crushing Ore or Other Material" was issued to Thomas A. Edison (U.S. No. 498,385). Edison had in mind crushing iron ore. "It is usual in ore crushing machines employing rollers to mount them in pairs on suitable supporting frames and to provide means for driving each pair, and for feeding material to be crushed separately to each pair of rollers and to provide separate means for pressing the rollers of each pair together. In the machine to be described I employ three or more rollers supported side by side in a frame and moveable towards or away from each other, instead of using them in pairs, and a single weight and lever serves to press all of said rollers together."Image: drawing of the side elevation of the apparatus.
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