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49. Dheraphol Suebwejkul 384
50. femcosec Yan 372
51. Girish Shivanand 359
52. Alexander Filimonoff 348
53. nilton sousa 317
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Find the country and its capital city, using the move of a chess knight. First letter is T. Length of words in solution: 8,7.
See negative of movie scene and guess the title. Length of words in solution: 5,6
Find 1 of 7 Words Hidden in the Picture.

Harry Brearley

Born 18 Feb 1871; died 12 Aug 1948 at age 77.English metallurgist who invented stainless steel, which is an alloy of steel with chromium and nickel. In 1912, he was investigating corrosion of rifle barrels because their internal diameter was quickly eroded from the action of heating and discharge gases. His solution was to develop a chrome alloy steel which was much more rust resistant than the steel then in common use. The added metals produce a surface film of metal oxides which resists rusting. Thus it was termed stainless steel. He also realized how it could revolutionize the cutlery industry. Until then, table cutlery was silver or nickel plated, and cutting knives of carbon steel had to be thoroughly washed and dried after use, and even then rust stains would have to be rubbed off.

Life is too short to be serious

Life is too short to be serious all the time.  So if you can't laugh at yourself, call me and i will laugh at you.
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