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See negative of movie scene and guess the title. Length of words in solution: 12
Take a look at the picture of the movie scene and guess the name of the person whose face is not visible. Length of words in solution: 3,6
See negative of movie scene and guess the title. Length of words in solution: 3,8

Cigar lighter

In 1871, the first U.S. patent for a cigar lighter was issued to Moses F. Gale of New York City (No. 121,049) as an "Improvement in Cigar-Lighters." It described an ornamental mechanical device to be attached by a flexible tube to a gas supply. The gas for lighting cigars travelled through a hollow body of a device shaped such as a bird. The flow of gas was regulated by an internal valve actuated by the action of the body pivoting on a control screw.

Eat The Watermelons

A farmer in the country has a watermelon patch and upon inspection he discovers that some of the local kids have been helping themselves to a feast.
The farmer thinks of ways to discourage this profit-eating situation. So he puts up a sign that reads: "WARNING! ONE OF THESE WATERMELONS CONTAINS CYANIDE!"
He smiled smugly as he watched the kids run off the next night without eating any of his melons.
The farmer returns to the watermelon patch a week later to discover that none of the watermelons have been eaten, but finds another sign that reads: "NOW THERE ARE TWO!"
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