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If acc90 - 5ccc3 = b00ba find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.

Martin Julian Buerger

Born 8 Apr 1903; died 1986 .American crystallographer and mineralogist who made significant contributions to the theory of finding the arrangement of atoms in crystals and devised or improved many of the standard methods, techniques, and instruments of modern crystal-structure analysis. In the 1930s, he revised the powder camera into its present form. He invented the precession method of x-ray diffraction analysis now commonly used for obtaining the unit cell and space group of a crystal. In 1952, the first counter diffractometer designed especially for measuring the intensities of the diffraction from single crystals was built in Buerger's laboratory, which in 1961 was converted into the first automated diffractometer. He wrote a number of books on crystallography.

Three men were discussing at a...

Three men were discussing at a bar about coincidences. The first man said, " my wife was reading a "tale of two cities" and she gave birth to twins"
"That’s funny", the second man remarked, "my wife was reading 'the three musketeers' and she gave birth to triplets"
The third man shouted, "Good God, I have to rush home!"
When asked what the problem was, he exclaimed, " When I left the house, my wife was reading Ali baba and the forty Thieves"!!!
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