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What 5-digit number satisfies the following requirements? 1. No zeroes; 2. First two digits are the same; 3. Fourth digit is twice the first; 4. Last digit is twice the third; 5. Sum of all digits is 18

Air Ship

In 1900, John F. Pickering, of Gonaives, Haiti, received a U.S. patent for his design of an air ship or launch (No. 643,975). It combined a "balloon, an attached car carrying a motor and a propeller, fans driven by the motor, air-pipes provided with bent, movable outlets leading both upward and downward from the fans and extending through the balloon and the bottom of the car, and means for shifting the blast of the fan to either upward or downward air-pipes." The operator would also be in control of "the propulsion horizontally or at any desired angle with relation to the horizon ... or the turning of the same to any desired point of the compass."

While the bar patron savored a...

While the bar patron savored a double martini, an attractive women sat down next to him. The bartender served her a glass of orange juice, and the man turned to her and said, "This is a special day. I'm celebrating."

"I'm celebrating, too," she replied, clinking glasses with him.

"What are you celebrating?" he asked.

"For years I've been trying to have a child," she answered, "Today my gynecologist told me I'm pregnant!"

"Congratulations," the man said, lifting his glass. "As it happens, I'm a chicken farmer, and for years all my hens were infertile. But today they're finally fertile."

"How did it happen?"

"I switched cocks."

"What a coincidence," she said, smiling.

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