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NUMBERMANIA: Calculate the number 3366 using numbers [8, 5, 8, 5, 77, 696] and basic arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /). Each of the numbers can be used only once.
If 6baaa - bbcc8 = 977c find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.
NUMBERMANIA: Calculate the number 1257 using numbers [6, 4, 9, 3, 54, 264] and basic arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /). Each of the numbers can be used only once.

Giulio Natta

Born 26 Feb 1903; died 2 May 1979 at age 76.Italian chemist who contributed to the development of high polymers useful in the manufacture of films, plastics, fibres, and synthetic rubber. Along with Karl Ziegler of Germany, he was honoured in 1963 with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the development of Ziegler-Natta catalysts. Natta found that certain types of Ziegler catalysts lead to macromolecules with a spatially uniform structure, called isotactic chains. Whereas ordinary hydrocarbon chains are zigzaged, isotactic chains form helices with the side groups pointing outwards. Such polymers give rise to novel synthetic products. Examples are light but strong fabrics, and ropes which float on the water.

You are meant to be together

Sometimes, you find the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes it’s the wrong person at the right time. But when you find the right person, at the right time, in the right situation, it’s because you are meant to be together. Fate has grabbed both of your hands. Don’t let go.
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