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What represents the following text 12M? Ask Bruce Willis.
What can be measured but not seen?
Can you decrypt hidden message (GL YV GSV YVHG BLF NFHG YV ZYOV GL SZMWOV GSV DLIHG)?

Keith Campbell

Born 23 May 1954.British embryologist who was the key member of a team of scientists at Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland that produced the first mammal clone, a lamb called Dolly, by nuclear transfer from an adult's cell. The reproduced DNA material came from a donor sheep's udder cell. Dolly's birth, on 5 Jul 1996, was announced on 23 Feb 1997. The team was supervised by Ian Wilmut.«

What's a turkey's favorite ...

What's a turkey's favorite song? "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"
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