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What is the next number in the sequence 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ? (author: Brain Teasers & Riddles)
If 7ab0c - a877b = 5ca24 find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.
How many squares do you see?

First successful steamboat

In 1783, the first successful steamboat, the Pyroscaphe, made a trial run on the River Saône in France. It was invented by a Frenchman, the Marquee Claude de Jouffroy d'Abbans. His earlier steam-powered boat tested in 1778 on the river Doubs used a Newcomen steam engine driving a hinged flap he modelled after the webbed feet of an aquatic bird, which was unsuccessful. He then built on ideas from James Watt's inventions to design a parallel-motion double-acting steam engine to drive a pair of large paddle wheels on the Pyroscaphe. Several thousand people viewed its trial, a 15 minute journey upstream on the River Saône. (Montgolfier's first balloon demonstration took place a few weeks earlier on 4 Jun 1783.)«

A few moments after the daught...

A few moments after the daughter announced her engagement, her Father asked, "Does this fellow have any money?"

"Oh Daddy, you men are all alike," sighing deeply, she replied, "That's exactly what he asked me about you."
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