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What do you have to give before you can keep it?
Always old, sometimes new. Never sad, sometimes blue. Never empty, sometimes full. Never pushes, always pulls. What am I?
You can swallow me, but I can swallow you. What am I?

Edwin Laurentine Drake

Born 29 Mar 1819; died 8 Nov 1880 at age 61.American petroleum engineer who drilled the first productive oil well near Titusville, Pennsylvania, which launched the modern U.S. petroleum industry. A former railroad conductor, his success in hitting oil was based on his belief that drilling would be the best way to obtain petroleum from the earth. He organized Seneca Oil Co., leased land, and on 27 Aug 1859, struck oil at a depth of 69 feet. Drake used an old steam engine to power the drill. After his well began to produce oil, other prospectors drilled wells nearby. Other men, with better business sense, grew rich from the oil boom, yet Drake died in poverty, after years of crippling illnesses.

Before you start to judge me

Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life i'm living, and if you get as far as i am, just maybe you will see how strong i really am.
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