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What is the smallest number that is evenly divisible by 1 through 10?

Robert Whitehead

Died 14 Nov 1905 at age 82 (born 3 Jan 1823).British engineer who invented the modern torpedo. His first torpedo lacked speed and range. However, by 1870 he had managed to increase its speed to 7 knots and could now hit a target 700 yards away. The following year the British Navy purchased Whitehead's invention. Although a spar torpedo, a charge attached to a long pole and carried by a small boat, had been used during the American Civil War, Robert Whitehead was the first to produce a self-propelling torpedo. Whitehead's torpedo was propelled by a compressed-air engine, carried 18lbs. of dynamite. Its most important feature was a self-regulating device which kept the torpedo at a constant preset depth. Edison made a movie of a Whitehead torpedo launch (1900).

I took an IQ test yesterday...

I took an IQ test yesterday. It came back negative...
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