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Amir Shafa

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50. nilton sousa 308
51. Meryl de la Rey 267
52. Amir Shafa 261
53. Marjan Kelemen 257
54. Navodit Gupta 224
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What comes next in the series? (5, 20, 380, 144020, ?)
Find the logic behind the numbers and then find the missing number.
What will be the missing number? (3, 5, 13, 43, 177, ?, 5353)

Bjørn Helland-Hansen

Born 16 Oct 1877; died 7 Sep 1957 at age 79.Norwegian pioneer of modern oceanography whose studies of the physical structure and dynamics of the oceans were instrumental in transforming oceanography from a science that was mainly descriptive to one based on the principles of physics and chemistry.

Your mama so old

Your mama so old her first Christmas was the first Christmas.
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