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Find the country and its capital city, using the move of a chess knight. First letter is T. Length of words in solution: 11,4.
The picture shows two parents, two children and their pets sitting down and enjoying reading their books. But there in and among them are six hidden words. Find 1 of 6 Words Hidden in the Picture.
John introduces Mary as the daughter of the only son of my father's wife. How is Mary related to John?

First U.S. Bessemer steel rails

In 1865, the first Bessemer steel rails ever rolled in the U.S. were a few rolled at the North Chicago Rolling Mill from hammered blooms made at the Wyandotte rolling mill from ingots of steel made at the experimental steel works at Wyandotte, Mich. The American Iron and Steel Association was in session in Chicago at that time, and several of its members witnessed the rolling of these rails. The North Chicago Rolling Mill was the first large iron and steel plant in the Chicago area, founded in 1857. The first steel rails rolled for a business order in the U.S., were made at the Cambria Iron Company, at Johnstown, Pa., in Aug 1867, from ingots manufactured at the works of the Pennsylvania Steel Company, at Harrisburg, Pa.*[Image: detail from engraving of the much larger area covered by the factory buildings.]

Missed it

A busload of tourists arrives at Runnymede, just west of central London.

They gather around the guide who says: “This is the spot where the barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta."

A guy at the front of the crowd asks: "When did that happen?”

“1215,” answers the guide.

The man looks at his watch and says: “Damn! Missed it by a half hour.”

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