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Find the country and its capital city, using the move of a chess knight. First letter is T. Length of words in solution: 11,4.
The picture shows two parents, two children and their pets sitting down and enjoying reading their books. But there in and among them are six hidden words. Find 1 of 6 Words Hidden in the Picture.
John introduces Mary as the daughter of the only son of my father's wife. How is Mary related to John?

Aerial tramway

In 1938, an aerial tramway, the first in North America, was dedicated in Franconia, N.H. The tramway was built to lift skiers from Franconia Notch to the 4,200-foot summit of Cannon Mountain on the north face. In 1933, the Richard Taft Trail was cut on the north face of Cannon. This was popular with the Boston-area ski clubs. The state of New Hampshire decided in the late 1930's to build an aerial tramway that would serve the Taft and its sister trails. The site was chosen, in part, because sufficient electric power was already in place in Franconia Notch. The tramway's wooden cabins held 28 skiers. The present tram, constructed in 1982, carries 70 skiers. The area is owned and operated by the state of New Hampshire.


A man walks into a hamburger shop and orders a regular meal. Later, the waitress brings his meal to him. He takes a bite out of it, and notices there's a small hair in the hamburger. He begins yelling frantically at the waitress, "Waitress, there's a hair in my hamburger! I demand to see what is going on!"
So, the waitress takes him back where the cook is and to his demise, he sees the cook take the meat patty and flatten it under his arm pit. He says, "That's disgusting!"
Then the waitress says, "You think that's disgusting you should see him make donuts."

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