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Universal milling machine

In 1865, a U.S. patent was issued for the universal milling machine invented by Joseph Rogers Brown (No. 46,521). With this four-speed, 1,800-lb machine, Brown could quickly make any size twist drill, and replace previously tedious handwork in spiral milling or gear-cutting operations. Adjustments were calibrated with an accuracy of one-thousandth of an inch. He had already invented a precision gear cutter in 1855 to produce clock gears, and later patented a universal grinding machine in 1877. As an inventor, Brown made numerous advances in the field of fine measurement and machine-tool production. He co-founded J.R. Brown and Sharpe in 1853 to manufacture his products.

Dumb Horse

A guys car broke down. He pulled over to the side of the road.Luckly there was a farm near by.He asked the farmer if he could help. The farmer said "sure just let me get my horse, Bruce. So they hooked the car up. The farmer called out to his horse,giddyup Sonya!
The horse did'nt move. Giddyup Tonya! The horse did'nt move. Giddyup Bruce! The horse moved. So when they got back they fixed the mans car. The man said thank you and then asked the farmer why he called different names."

Well" the farmer started, "Bruce won't do anything if he knows he's the only one doing it."

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