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Look at the series (7645, 5764, 4576, ?), determine the pattern, and find the value of the next number!
Can you name the athletes by the picture?
Find the title of novel, using the move of a chess knight. First letter is I. Length of words in solution: 2,6,2,4,4.

John N. Bahcall

Died 17 Aug 2005 at age 70 (born 30 Dec 1934). American astrophysicist who pioneered the development of neutrino astrophysics in the early 1960s. He theorized that neutrinos (subatomic particles that have no charge and exceedingly weak interaction with matter) can be used to understanding how stars shine. They are emitted by the sun and stars during the fusion energy creation process, and most are able to pass through the Earth without being stopped. He calculated the expected output of neutrinos from the sun, which created an experimental challenge to explain the unexpected result. He won the National Medal of Science (1998) for both his contributions to the planning and development of the Hubble Space Telescope and his pioneering research in neutrino astrophysics.«

Perv in the Lingerie Store

Q: Why did the perv go into Victoria's Secret?

A: The panties were half off.

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