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Remove 3 letters from this sequence (MCRCUUISER) to reveal a familiar English word.

Hermann Ebbinghaus

Died 26 Feb 1909 at age 59 (born 24 Jan 1850). German psychologist who pioneered in the development of experimental methods for the measurement of rote learning and memory. Ebbinghaus's contributions to psychology are numerous. In addition to establishing two psychology laboratories in Germany, he also founded and edited a major journal that did much to advance psychology in its early days. His famous work, Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology (1885) set a precedent for experimental psychology with clear and precise experimental techniques. Ebbinghaus discovered that people forget 90% of what they learn in a class within thirty days, and that there occurs a very rapid forgetting in the first hour. He died in 1909 from pneumonia.

Learning to walk in...

“Learning to walk in high heels will keep you on your toes.”

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