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Lawrence Dale Bell

Born 5 Apr 1894; died 20 Oct 1956 at age 62.American aircraft designer and aircraft manufacturer, founder of Bell Aircraft Co., whose experimental X-1 rocket-propelled airplane in 1947 was the first to break the sound barrier in level flight. This firm also produced such significant aviation contributions as the nation's first jet propelled airplane, the world's first commercial helicopter, the world's fastest and highest flying airplane, the Bell X-1A, and the first jet vertical take-off and landing plane.

Two Sets of Tonsils?

A young man approached his family physician and said, "Doc, I'm afraid you'll have to remove my wife's tonsils one of these days."

"My good man," replied the doctor, "I removed them six years ago. Did you ever hear of a woman having two sets of tonsils?"

"No," the husband retorted, "but you've heard of a man having two wives, haven't you?"

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