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On the outside, beige walls surround a castle of the purest white, and a tressure of liquid gold hides in the center. What is it?
There are 6 words hidden in the picture, can you find 1 of 6?

Baruch S. Blumberg

Died 5 Apr 2011 at age 85 (born 28 Jul 1925).Baruch Samuel Blumberg was an American physician who shared (with D. Carleton Gajdusek) the 1976 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries concerning new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of infectious diseases.” In 1963, Blumberg accidentally discovered an antigen in the blood of an Australian aborigine which he subsequently identified as the hepatitis B surface antigen,a molecule from the surface of the hepatitis B molecule. His report of this discovery (1967) at first encountered indifference, but when confirmed by others, the virus was acknowledged to be the cause of the disease. He then developed a vaccine, though it had high production cost and limited distribution. But his work led to other researchers using recombinant DNA technology toproduce a successful vaccine now in widespread use.«

What do rabbits say before fea...

What do rabbits say before feasting on your garden?
“Lettuce prey.”
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