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Remove 4 letters from this sequence (WMEMBAREAUNE) to reveal a familiar English word.
If seven people meet each other and each shakes hands only once with each of the others, how many handshakes will there have been?
Look carefully caricature and guess the name of musician.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Died 27 Feb 1936 at age 86 (born 27 Sep 1849). Russian physiologist, who was awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He pioneered the investigation what he named the “conditioned reflex.” In the experiment which made him famous, he trained a hungry dog to associate the sound of a bell with receiving food. Thereafter, the dog would salivate on hearing the bell alone. This work began as merely a study in digestion, with a series of experiments on dogs to investigate how digestive secretions are regulated. He identified three stimuli that caused dogs to begin to salivate: seeing, smelling, or tasting food. He realized, digestion is partly controlled by sensory stimuli. In 1903, Pavlov published his results on this learned— “conditioned reflex,” (as opposed to an innate reflex, like a reaction to pain). He worked actively in the lab until his death at age 87.«[DSB gives birth date as 27 Sep 1849. EB gives Old Style: 14 Sep 1849 (New Style: 26 Sep 1849).]

Two old men - Bert and Harry...

Two old men - Bert and Harry - were sitting quietly in a bar.
"When was the last time you made love to a woman?" Bert asked Harry.
"1945," replied Harry.
"My goodness!" exclaimed Bert. "That's a long time ago."
"Not really," said Harry, glancing at his watch. "It's only twenty past eight now."
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