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Computer pump

In 1932, the first U.S. patent for a computer pump was issued to the inventors, Robert J. Jauch, Ivan R. Farnham and Ross H. Arnold for their "Liquid Dispensing Apparatus" (No. 1,888,533). Their motorized pump both metered and displayed the exact gallons of gasoline or other liquid dispensed, and also accurately computed and showed the price in dollars and cents while delivery was made. The internal totalizer could be easily reset for any new price per gallon. It solved the problems of inaccurate delivery of volume from a visible type dispenser, and its necessary ready-reckoning card with quantity and cost tables, which needed a new card when prices changed. The Wayne Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana, marketed it from 1 Nov 1931.«

Mr Jones had a leak in the roo...

Mr Jones had a leak in the roof over his dining room, so he called a repairman to take a look at it. "When did you first notice the leak?" the repairman inquired.
Mr. Jones scowled. "Last night, when it took me two hours to finish my soup!"
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