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Fatal petrol-fuelled car crash

In 1899, the first petrol-fuelled car crash in which the driver died occurred at Grove Hill Harrow, England. The car, a Daimler Wagonette, was being demonstrated by Mr Sewell to Major James Richer, Department Head at the Army & Navy Stores, as a possible purchase for the company. Mr Sewell, the driver, was killed on the spot. When the passenger, Major Richer, died four days later without regaining consciousness, he became Britain's first passenger whose death resulted from a car crash. About a year earlier, on 12 Feb 1898, Henry Lindfield lost control of an electrically-driven vehicle and was the first person to die as a result of a car crash.

JB Smoove: Sound System

I did a club one night -- the speakers were old as hell. My jokes were coming out in black and white.
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