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Find 1 of 6 Words Hidden in the Picture.
The picture shows two parents, two children and their pets sitting down and enjoying reading their books. But there in and among them are six hidden words. Find 1 of 6 Words Hidden in the Picture.
If 2+3=10, 8+4=96, 7+2=63, 6+5=66 then 9+5=?

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

In 1945, the first newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1, was published that would become the The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, later noted for its Doomsday Clock on the cover. After the first Soviet hydrogen bomb test on 12 Aug 1953, to represent the urgency to avoid humanity's catastrophic destruction, the hands of the clock on the Sep 1953 cover (Vol. 9, No. 7) were advanced to two minutes to midnight—the closest to nuclear Doomsday (midnight) they have ever been. The minute hand has been moved backward and forward over the years representing lessening or increasing urgency of problems regarding world's nuclear proliferation, and, the more recent additional concerns for climate change and bioweapons.

The new baby

A young mother finds out she is pregnant again, and she tells the good news to anyone who will listen. One day when the woman and the boy are out shopping, a friend of the mother asks the little boy if he was excited about the new baby.

"Oh, yes!" the little tyke says. And having overheard some of his parents' private conversations, he adds, "And I know what we are going to name it, too. If it's a girl we're going to call it Mary, and if it's another boy we're going to call it Quits."

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