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Film was made in 1995.
Film was made in 1987.
Film was made in 2007.

Vannoccio Biringuccio

Born 20 Oct 1480; died c. 1539 . Italian metallurgist and manufacturer of armaments. As head of the Papal foundry (for Pope Paul III) and a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, he wrote detailed observations of foundry practice. HisDe la pirotechnia (Concerning Pyrotechnics, 1540) was the first significant 16th-century reference book on metallurgy—the “pyrotechnical arts.” With lavish woodcut illustrations, published postumously, it was a practical guide for distilling liquids, refining metals and mixing gun powder. It dealt with gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, steel and brass; the preparation of ores for smelting, refining, alloying; casting, cutting and making moulds. He also described the preparation and use of rockets in warfare and festivals.«

How to Make Holy Water

Q: How did the bishop make holy water?
A: He took some tap water and boiled the hell out of it.
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