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Pierre Mechain

Died 20 Sep 1804 at age 60 (born 16 Aug 1744).Pierre (-François-André) Méchain was a French astronomer and hydrographer at the naval map archives in Paris recruited by Jean Delambre. He was a mathematical progidy. In 1790, they were chosen by the National Assembly to establish a decimal system of measurement based on the meter. Since this was defined to be one ten-millionth of the distance between the Earth's pole and the equator, Mechain led a survey of the meridian arc from Dunkirk, France, to Barcelona, Spain. Through his astronomical observations, Mechain discovered 11 comets and provided 26 additions to Messier's catalog. He calculated the orbits of the two comets he found in 1781. Mechain died of yellow fever while making further surveys for the meridian measurement.«

April Fool's Day - Toilet Surprise

Squirt some clear dish washing soap or laundry detergent into the bowl of the toilet. In the morning, the first person to use the commode will get a sudsy surprise.
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