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Mary's father has daughters: Nana, Nene, Nini and Nono. What is the fifth daughter's name?
What 5-digit number satisfies the following requirements? 1. No zeroes; 2. First two digits are the same; 3. Fourth digit is twice the first; 4. Last digit is twice the third; 5. Sum of all digits is 18
The computer chose a secret code (sequence of 4 digits from 1 to 6). Your goal is to find that code. Black circles indicate the number of hits on the right spot. White circles indicate the number of hits on the wrong spot.

Alexander King

Died 28 Feb 2007 at age 98 (born 26 Jan 1909).Scottish chemist who pioneered in environmental awareness, warning of the dangers to the environment from extensive industrial development. He co-commissioned the 1972 Limits to Growth report, which initiated international attention to environmental concerns. It is still one of the world's best-selling books on the environment. After directing scientific research as part of the war effort in WW II, he turned to the application of science for the improvement of life. In particular, he was chief scientist at the department of scientific and industrial research (1950-56), working to help British factories become more productive. After the publication of Limits to Growth, he cofounded the Club of Rome, an think tank focussed on how to establish sustainable development. He was that group's president 1984-90.«

Chilling with Eskimos

Q: What do Eskimos get from sitting on a block of ice?

A. Polaroids.

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