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150. Vojtěch Širůček 18
151. Peca Nikolic 18
152. Ilan Amity 17
153. Khoi Nguyen 17
154. Taylor Hysmith 17
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Find the country and its capital city, using the move of a chess knight. First letter is T. Length of words in solution: 8,7.
What comes next in the series? (5, 20, 380, 144020, ?)
Find 1 of 7 Words Hidden in the Picture.

Coconut oil

In 1880, African-American inventor A.P. Abourne was awarded a patent for refining coconut oil.

Trump chose a leaky bottle of...

Trump chose a leaky bottle of vinegar for his cabinet. The press wrote ,”Meet the new Secretory Acetate“.
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