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17. Allen Wager 1654
18. Maryam Pouya 1586
19. Thinh Ddh 1392
20. Eugenio G. F. de Kereki 1341
21. Gospodja Pufna 1193
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Edward Gibbon

Born 27 Apr 1737; died 16 Jan 1794 at age 56. English historian.

The Lawn

A guy is trying to relax at home, but his wife keeps nagging him to mow the lawn. Finally, in between nags he blurts out, "Answer just this one question for me."
She pauses momentarily, and he takes this opportunity to say, "You know, a Deer, a Cow, and a Horse, all eat grass. But a Deer's excretions are pellets, while a Cow makes flat pies, and a Horse makes clumps...why is that?"
His wife says, "I don't know."
He replies, "Well then, how can you bring up the subject of the lawn, when it's obvious you don't know sh*t?"    

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