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Here is a picture of a cafeteria with words hidden. Find 1 of 6 hidden words in the picture below.
Look carefully the picture and guess the game name.
If 22c15 + cb035 = bac50 find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.

Daniel Coxe

Died 19 Jan 1780 (born 1640).English physicianwho was an early experimenter on the effects on animals by nicotine, which he reported to the Royal Society on 3 May 1665. Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary that he saw there “a cat killed with the Duke of Florence’s poyson, and saw it proved that the oyle of tobacco …is judged to be the same thing …both in colour and smell, and effect.” Coxe said with tobacco-oil distilled in a retort, by one drop of which given at the mouth he had killed a lusty cat, which being opened, smelled strongly of the oil, and the blood of the heart more strongly than the rest. … One drop of the Florentine oglio di tobaccobeing again given to a dog, it proved stupefying and vomitive, as before. Coxe became physician to the courts of King Charles II and Anne. He bought over a million acres of land in the American colonies.«

Jeff Dunham: Coffee as a Sex-Enhancer?

Walter: My wife and I heard that coffee is good for your sex life. Jeff Dunham: Oh, and is it? Walter: No. It kept me awake for the whole damn thing. I actually had to participate!
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