Find number abc
[7024] Find number abc - If 9c55c + 8a06c = a736ab find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist. - #brainteasers #math - Correct Answers: 17 - The first user who solved this task is Nasrin 24 T
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Find number abc

If 9c55c + 8a06c = a736ab find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.
Correct answers: 17
The first user who solved this task is Nasrin 24 T.
#brainteasers #math
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A couple is in bed sleeping wh...

A couple is in bed sleeping when there's a rat-a-tat-tat on the door.
The husband rolls over and looks at the clock, and it's half past 3 in the morning.ā€ Iā€™m not getting out of bed at this time," he thinks, and rolls over. Then, a louder knock follows. So he drags himself out of bed, goes downstairs, opens the door, and there's a man standing there. It didn't take the homeowner long to realize the man was drunk.
"Hi there," slurs the stranger, "Can you give me a push?" "No, get lost. It's half past three and I was in bed," says the man as he slams the door. He goes back up to bed and tell his wife what happened and she says, "That wasn't very nice of you. Remember that night we broke down in the pouring rain on the way to pick the kids up from the baby-sitter and you had to knock on that man's house to get us started again? What would have happened if he'd told us to get lost?"
"But the guy was drunk," says the husband.
"It doesn't matter," says the wife.ā€ He needs our help and it would be the Christian thing to help him." So the husband gets out of bed again, gets dressed, and goes downstairs.
He opens the door, and not being able to see the stranger anywhere,
He shouts, "Hey, do you still want a push?"
And he hears a voice cry out, "Yeah, please."
So, still being unable to see the stranger he shouts, "Where are you?" The drunk replies, "Over here, on the swing."
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Oskar Hertwig

Died 25 Oct 1922 at age 73 (born 21 Apr 1849). Oskar (Wilhelm August) Hertwig was a German embryologist and cytologist who did extensive work on the nuclear transmission of heredity. He was the first to recognize that the essential event in fertilization is the fusion of the nuclei of the sperm and ovum. In 1875, he observed all the steps in fertilization, including the union of egg and sperm chromosomes in sea urchins. These animals are particularly suitable for microscopic studies because of their transparency. He saw there was a single nucleus before fertilization and two nuclei immediately afterwards. He realized the second nucleus had come from the spermatazoon, and thus a single spermatazoon can fertilize an egg. He also investigated malformations of vertebrate embryos.
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