Find number abc
[7471] Find number abc - If 10218 + 6bbc6 = 7b7ba find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist. - #brainteasers #math - Correct Answers: 2
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Find number abc

If 10218 + 6bbc6 = 7b7ba find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.
Correct answers: 2
#brainteasers #math
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The Lawyer at the Pearly Gates

Recently a teacher, a garbage collector, and a lawyer wound up together at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter informed them that in order to get into heaven, they would each have to answer one question.St. Peter addressed the teacher and asked, “What was the name of the ship that crashed into the iceberg? They just made a movie about it.” The teacher answered quickly, “That would be the Titanic.” St. Peter let her through the gate.St. Peter turned to the garbage man and figuring heaven didn’t REALLY need all the odors this guy would bring with him, decided to make the question a little harder: “How many people died on the ship?” But the trash man had just seen the movie, too, and he answered, “about 1,500.”“That’s right! You may enter,” said Peter.Then St. Peter turned to the lawyer and said, “Name them.”
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London Great Smog

In 1952, a dense smog descended on London, England, that would last four days, causing at least 4,000 deaths and chaos for transportation as visibility was reduced to a few hundred yards. Freshening winds and a rise in temperature dissipated the fog, which cleared on 9 Dec 1952. Although the London Underground could maintain service, but during the four days of smog bus service was vitually shut down when visibility was reduced so severely the roads became congested. During the time of dense fog, most flights in to London Airport were diverted to Hurn, near Bournemouth and linked by train with a Waterloo. The many deaths were of mostly among the elderly, the very young, or those with medical problems. The cause of the smog was coal-burning and required drastic action: the Clear Air Act of 1956.«
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