What is hidden in 3D image?
[3747] What is hidden in 3D image? - Stereogram - 3D Image - #brainteasers #stereogram #3Dimage

What is hidden in 3D image?

Stereogram - 3D Image
#brainteasers #stereogram #3Dimage
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A man and his wife, who was 8 months pregnant, were doing some holiday shopping in crowded mall. They had been trading humorous insults for most of the evening, and the man decided that he was going to really get her. He announced in a loud voice, "If you don't stop insulting me, I'm not going to marry you!"

He was disappointed that only a few people around them reacted, but his wife managed to bring down the house when she responded, "That's OK, I won't tell you who the father is!"

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James Watt

Died 19 Aug 1819 at age 83 (born 19 Jan 1736). Scottish engineer and inventor whose steam engine contributed substantially to the Industrial Revolution. In 1763 he repaired the model of Newcomen's steam engine belonging to Glasgow University, and began experiments on properties of steam. The Newcomen engine was simple in design: it acted as a pump and a jet of cold water was used to condense the steam. Watt improved on this design by adding a separate condenser and a system of valves to make the piston return to the top of the cylinder after descending. He took out a patent for the separate condenser in 1769. He later adapted the engine to rotary motion, making it suitable for a variety of industrial purposes, and invented the flywheel and the governor.[DSB and other sources give dete of death as 19 Aug 1819. EB gives 25 Aug 1819.]
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