Anagram: THEY SEE! (3,4)
[135] Anagram: THEY SEE! (3,4) - Anagram: THEY SEE! (3,4) - #brainteasers #wordpuzzles #anagram - Correct Answers: 84 - The first user who solved this task is Eric Newton
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Anagram: THEY SEE! (3,4)

Anagram: THEY SEE! (3,4)
Correct answers: 84
The first user who solved this task is Eric Newton.
#brainteasers #wordpuzzles #anagram
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A city slicker was driving thr...

A city slicker was driving through the country when he spotted a horse standing in a field. He was quite taken with the animal and so pulled over to ask the farmer if it was for sale.
"Afraid not," said the farmer.
"I'll give you a thousand pounds!" said the city fella.
"I can't sell you that horse. He don't look too good," replied the farmer.
"I know horses, and he looks fine. I'll give you two thousand!"
"Well, all right, if you want him so bad."
The next day, the man returned the horse, screaming that he had been conned. "You sold me a blind horse!"
"Well," said the farmer, "I told you he didn't look too good."
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Wireless news service

In 1903, regular news service began between New York and London on Marconi’s wireless. On 30 Mar 1903, The Times in London became the first newspaper to establish an ongoing arrangement with the Marconi Telegraph Company for the regular transmission of news between the United States and the UK. Shortly thereafter, the New York Times requested that it be part of the arrangement. Despite extensive teething problems the importance of wireless as a cheap form of communication quickly became obvious.*
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