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183. Carla Mae Lorcha 20
184. Baxtbek Ibroximov 20
185. Nenad Golubovic 19
186. Digvijay Singh 19
187. Radmila Gavrilov 19
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Can you name the athletes by the picture?
My thunder comes before the lightning; My lightning comes before the clouds; My rain dries all the land it touches. What am I?
Who is the mysterious person in the picture?

Early electricity from wind

In 1892,“Electricity From Wind” was reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer, from the Philadelphia Record. Is said that“Owing to the comparative scarcity of water-power in many parts of England” to generate electricty, “attention has been given to wind power, of which the country is well supplied. A small experimental plant has been in operation at a flour-mill near London, the wind-mill supplying sufficient power to charge a storage battery, from which a number of arc and incandescent lamps were lighted nightly. Although the current obtained was small,” the experiment demonstrated the possibilities. The article suggested the use of wind-powered electricity generators at country houses on elevated ground. The article represents one example, not necessarily the first. Edison's incandescent lamp dates from 1879. Steam-powered central generating began in New York City in 1882.«

Louis Katz: Hippie Roommate

I made the mistake of moving in with a hippie. Hippie roommate -- horrible mistake. Apparently, when they say peace and love, what they really mean is filthy and annoying.
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