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Stereoscope viewer

In 1838, his discovery of the stereoscopic viewer was described in a paper by Charles Wheatstone, On some remarkable, and hitherto unobserved, Phenomena of Binocular Vision, which he read to the Royal Society, London. This is the visual effect whereby pictures of an object drawn from slightly different viewpoints for individual eyes could be viewed with his stereoscope and give the perception of the object in three dimensions. He read a second part to this paper on 15 Jan 1852. This principle was later popularized with photographs to make stereo view cards.[Ref.: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. 128, pp. 371-394 and Vol. 142, pp. 1-17.]

Alfie was listening to his sis...

Alfie was listening to his sister practice her singing. "Sis," he said, "I wish you'd sing Christmas carols."
"Thats nice of you, Alfie," she replied, "but why?"
Alfie replied, "Because then I'd only have to hear your voice once a year!"
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