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I am passed from person to person but no hands are needed. I often change in this exchange. Always changing never remaining the same. What am l?

Carpet recycling

In 1999, the Evergreen Nylon Recycling facility began operation in Augusta, Georgia. This was a joint venture with Honeywell Intl Inc. which patented the selective pyrolysis process that depolymerized nylon 6 waste carpet into caprolactam, the raw material of nylon 6. In the absence of oxygen, controlled heating of carpet (or other nylon 6 waste material) breaks down each resin into its monomer components, each within its own temperature range enabling the separation of the resins. Compared to making virgin caprolactam, it was expected that recycled product would offer the same quality at less than half the cost, need only one-third the energy, save petroleum and keep waste carpet out of landfills. Unanticipated costs caused the plant to close 29 Aug 2001.«

I took an IQ test yesterday...

I took an IQ test yesterday. It came back negative...
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