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Find 1 of 7 Words Hidden in the Picture.
Here is a picture of a typical classroom with the children and their teacher, there are some related words hidden in the picture. Find 1 of 6 Words Hidden in the Picture.
Find 1 of 6 Words Hidden in the Picture.

First space station

In 1971, Salyut 1 (DOS 1) was launched on a Proton rocket by the Soviet Union. Although primitive, having only a single main module, it was the first space station ever in Earth orbit. Its first crew launched in Soyuz 10 but was unable to board the space station due to a failure in the docking mechanism. The second crew arrived in Soyuz 11 and remained on board for 23 productive days. Tragically, a pressure-equalization valve in the Soyuz 11 reentry capsule opened prematurely when the crew returned to Earth, killing all three. Salyut 1 reentered Earth's atmosphere 11 Oct 1971. Six more Salyut stations followed in the Soviet program, leading up to the launch of space station Mir on 20 Feb 1986.«

A blond goes to Target

A blonde was shopping at Target &came across a shiny silver thermos.She was quite fascinated by it, so she picked it up & tookit to the clerk to ask what it was.

The clerk said, 'Why, that's a thermos.....It keeps hot things hot, And cold things cold.'

'Wow, said the blonde, 'that's amazing.....I'm going to buy it!'So she bought the thermos & took it to work the next day.

Her boss saw it on her desk.'What's that,' he asked?

'Why, that's a thermos.... It keeps hot things hot & cold thingscold,' she replied..

Her boss inquired, 'What do you have in it?'

The blonde replied......'Two popsicles & some coffee.'

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