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Walter H. Zinn

Born 10 Dec 1906; died 14 Feb 2000 at age 93.Walter Henry Zinn was a Canadian-American nuclear physicist who contributed to the U.S. atomic bomb project during World War II and to the development of the nuclear reactor. He collaborated with Leo Szilard, investigating atomic fission. In 1939, they demonstrated that uranium underwent fission when bombarded with neutrons and that part of the mass was converted into energy (given by E = mc²). This work led him into research into the construction of the atomic bomb during WW II. After the war Zinn started the design of an atomic reactor and, in 1951, he built the first breeder reactor. In a breeder reactor, the core is surrounded by a “blanket”of uranium-238 and neutrons from the core convert this into plutonium-239, which can also be used as a fission fuel.

Going on vacation

A man is talking to his friend and he says: "I'm about to go on vacation, and I don't know what to do."

His buddy asks: "Why?"

And the man says: "Well, last year's vacation was Hawaii. I came back, and my wife was pregnant. The year before that was the Bahamas. I came back, and my wife was pregnant. The year before that was Paris. I came back and my wife was pregnant again."

His buddy asks: "So what are you going to do differently this year?"

And the guy says: "Well, this year I'm going to bring my wife."

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