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What is the missing number?
What is the missing number?
What is the missing number?

Synthetic diamonds

In 1955, the General Electric Company announced their successful synthesis of 1/16" diamonds using the first process that was reproducible. The GE Super Pressure Project research team had worked since 1951 to create a special pressure vessel to subject carbon compounds to pressures of up to 1,500,000 lb/ at temperatures of up to 5,000 deg F. They created the first diamonds on 16 Dec 1954, beginning GE's man-made industrial diamond business. Manufactured diamonds are used as abrasives in masonry saws, mining drill bits, polishing machinery, and cutting tools. (On 16 Feb 1953, a Swedish scientist was the the first to create diamonds in an experiment that was not repeated, and held secret prior to GE's announcement.)«[Image: Watson-Stillman press used to make GE's first diamonds]

Jack has died. His lawyer is s...

Jack has died. His lawyer is standing before the family and reads Jack's last will and testament:
"To my dear wife Esther, I leave the house, 50 acres of land, and one million dollars. To my son Barry, I leave my big Lexus and the Jaguar. To my daughter Suzy, I leave my yacht and $250,000. And to my brother-in-law Jeff, who always insisted that health is better than wealth, I leave my sun lamp."
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