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Allen Wager

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23. Darrin Haywood 1932
24. Fuad Khalil Ibraheem 1695
25. Allen Wager 1690
26. FC Viñas 1479
27. Nebojša Čokorilo 1340
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NUMBERMANIA: Calculate the number 670 using numbers [3, 2, 8, 5, 76, 887] and basic arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /). Each of the numbers can be used only once.
I purge all that is evil, and keep all that is true. Unless you speak, I can delete what you said. My usefulness has faded with the use of a pen. I am usually made of rubber, yet I am not a toy. I am both pink, and white, but also blue, or green. Do not forget me, as I can be your best friend. What am I?
Replace asterisk symbols with a letters (**N* **O**) and guess the name of musician band. Length of words in solution: 4,5.

Fritz Schaudinn

Born 19 Sep 1871; died 22 Jun 1906 at age 34.Fritz Richard Schaudinn was a German zoologist and microbiologist who, with dermatologist Erich Hoffmann, discovered (1905) the spirochaete which causes syphilis, Spirochaeta pallida, now known as Treponema pallidum. Schaudinn determined the amoebic nature of tropical dysentery, worked on trypanosomes (flagellated protozoans which include the causal agent of African sleeping sickness, an infection of the bloodstream) and researched malaria. He also demonstrated that human hookworm infection is contracted through the skin of the feet. He made important contributions to zoology and helped develop protozoology as an experimental science. He also discovered the alternation of generations in Foraminifera and Coccidae.«

At a session with a marriage c...

At a session with a marriage counselor, the wife snapped at her husband: "That's not true! I do so enjoy sex!"
Then, turning to the counselor, she explained: "But this animal expects it four or five times a year!"
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