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Look at the picture, determine the pattern and replace the question mark with a number.
Tricky math! Can you solve this? If 11+11=4 and 12+12=9 Then 13+13=?
MATH PUZZLE: Can you replace the question mark with a number?

Norio Ohga

Died 23 Apr 2011 at age 81 (born 29 Jan 1930). Japanese business executive who as a former president and chairman of Sony is credited with developing the compact disc. He insisted that a CD should hold 75 minutes of music, sufficient for the entire Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which accounts for the designed 4.8-inch diameter. Having had a career as an opera singer before he joined the company in the 1950s, he remained a music connoisseur, and recognized the importance of improved sound quality made possible by the CD. Sony issued the world's first CD in 1982, and in Japan, within five years the format overtook LP record sales. He rose through the company to become its chief executive in 1989, always pursuing improvements to quality and appealing design, and led Sony's expansion from hardware to software to entertainment including music, films and video games.«


Nobody texts faster than a pissed off female.

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