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Look at the picture, determine the pattern and replace the question mark with a number.
Tricky math! Can you solve this? If 11+11=4 and 12+12=9 Then 13+13=?
MATH PUZZLE: Can you replace the question mark with a number?

Emancipation run

In 1896, the Locomotives on Highways Act 1896 took effect in Britain. It raised the country speed limit to 14 mph (12 mph in some towns) for horseless carriages under 3 tons unladen weight. An “emancipation run”of cars began with over thirty motorists driving London to Brighton, to celebrate the removal of the restrictions of The Locomotive Act 1865, the so-called “Red Flag Act.” Section 3 of the superceded 1865 Act had required “at least three persons shall be employed to drive or conduct such a locomotive... one of such persons... shall precede such locomotives on foot by not less than sixty yards and shall carry a red flag constantly displayed and shall warn drivers and riders of horses of such locomotives.” Also, the former Act, had reduced the country speed limit to only 4 mph and 2 mph in towns.«*

The place where I work decided...

The place where I work decided to provide company-paid cell phones to the "suits" upstairs. After negotiating a deal with a cell phone company, we arranged for the phones to be sent to the homes of the various VIP's.
The day after delivery, I received a call from a partner screaming about how his cell phone didn't work. He said he charged it overnight just like the sheet said, but in the morning, it wouldn't power up.
I asked EXACTLY what he did with the phone when he got it.
"I took it out, plugged the charger into the wall and into the phone."
"Did you put the battery in the phone?"
"Not the extra one."
"Sir, the phone only came with one battery."
(Pause) "Oh, I think I figured out what's wrong with it."
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