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I run forever, With a roaring call. Yet I have no throat, Or any legs at all. Rock wears away, Whilst I grow. You try to race me, And receive a blow. What am I?
Sometimes I am loved, Usually by the young. Other times I am dreaded, Mostly by the old ones. I am hard to remember, Also hard to forget. And yet if you do, You'll make someone upset. I occur every day Everyone has to face me. Even if you don't want it To happen; embrace me. What am I?
A is father of C and D is son of B. E is brother of A. If C is sister of D, how is B related to E?

David Starr Jordan

Born 19 Jan 1851; died 19 Sep 1931 at age 80. American ichthyologist and peace activist who was not only a leading American authority on ichthyology (study of fish) in his time, but also a renowned expert in many fields. At the Scopes Monkey Trial he provided expert testimony supporting the theory of evolution. He wrote extensively on education, philosophy, eugenics and peace, as well as science. In 1885, Indiana University appointed him its President, at the time, the youngest in the nation. He was a leader for international peace. He applied biology in his arguments for peace, stating that war endangered the health of the species because it was the strongest individuals who died, and were lost from the gene pool. Before America engaged in WW I, he opposed being involved, though once war became the reality, he supported the necessity of aggressive measures to terminate the conflict as soon as possible.«

Balloon Prank Fake Out

April Fool's Day is coming up, so you need to be prepared with an arsenal of hilarious pranks that you can play on friends, family members and bitter enemies.
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