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What has wings, can fly but is not living?
What gets broken without being held?
What is so fragile that sound can destroy it?

Abraham De Moivre

Born c. 26 May 1667; died 27 Nov 1754 . French mathematician who was a pioneer in the development of analytic trigonometry and in the theory of probability. He published The Doctrine of Chance in 1718. The definition of statistical independence appears in this book together with many problems with dice and other games. He also investigated mortality statistics and the foundation of the theory of annuities. He died in poverty, and correctly predicted the day of his own death. He found that he was sleeping 15 minutes longer each night and from this the arithmetic progression, calculated that he would die on the day that he slept for 24 hours.

A father and son are out shopp

A father and son are out shopping for Christmas presents for their family.

The son asks, "What present are my sister and I going to get?"

The dad answers, "I got you guys an iPad and iPod."

"Wow, thanks," the son replies, "What will you give mom?"

The dad says, "Your mom is getting an iRon."

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