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381. Brian Robinson 4
382. Ed Lyle 4
383. Richard Malmgren 4
384. Dejan Mratinković 3
385. Marty Ray 3
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Can you name the athletes by the picture?
If 2+3=10, 8+4=96, 7+2=63, 6+5=66 then 9+5=?
How much is 4x5?

Fields Medal

In 1931, the Fields Medal was established to recognize outstanding contributions to mathematics. It was conceived since there was no Nobel Prize for mathematicians. Although John Charles Fields probably thought of the medal at some earlier time, the first recorded mention of it was made on 24 Feb 1931 in minutes of a committee meeting. He was chairman of the Committee of the International Congress which had been set up by the University of Toronto to organize the 1924 Congress in Toronto. After the event, Fields proposed that income of $2,500 remaining from that convention would be designated for two medals to be awarded at future International Mathematical Congresses. In 1936, the first awards were made in Oslo.«[Image: Obverse of the Fields Medal, showing a picture of Archimedes]

Definition: ASKHOLE

- A Person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
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