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Can you decrypt hidden message (Z LJVU KF SV R SREBVI SLK Z CFJK ZEKVIVJK)?
Find the pattern to determine what the missing number is.
Look carefully the picture and guess the band name.

Virus crystallized

In 1935, the first virus in crystalline form was reported. Professor Wendell Stanley (1904-1971) received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1946 for his work on the tobacco mosaic virus, begun in the 1930s and which he crystallized in 1935. The demonstration of the molecular properties of the virus gave impetus to a new research approach in virology: the study of viruses as large molecules. This was a departure from the predominant view of viruses as infectious agents causing disease.

Ed Helms: Watching the New York City Marathon

I went and watched the New York City Marathon. It goes right by my apartment in Brooklyn, and I went with a group of friends. And all my friends are cheering for the runners; theyre like, Whoo! Good job! Way to go! Keep it up, youre lookin good! Great job! I was like, You dont have to do that! Thats unnecessary! You know what? Ive got a bike, you can take it. Better yet, come inside -- Ive got air conditioning; my roommate made some guacamole, its awesome; we rented Meatballs.
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