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Remove 6 letters from this sequence (SSAERIOXUSLCYCB) to reveal a familiar English word.
Find the country and its capital city, using the move of a chess knight. First letter is L. Length of words in solution: 10,10.
Find the first and the last name of a famous person. Text may go in all 8 directions. Length of words in solution: 5,7.


In 1950, the invention of the phototransistor was announced. This was a transistor operated by light rather than electric current, invented by Dr. John Northrup Shive of the Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill, N.J. It used a tiny chip of germanium, a semiconductor material, but only a single collector wire. The tip of this wire rests in a small dimple ground into one side of the germanium disk. At this point the germanium disk is only three thousandths of an inch thick. Light focussed on the opposite, un-dimpled side of the disk can control the flow of current in the wire, thus making a control device similar in function to a photo-electric cell.

Brian Regan: Unilingual

Can you imagine being bilingual? Or even knowing anybody that was? Im not even unilingual. Actually, I shouldnt say that. I dont give myself enough credit. I know enough English to, you know, get by. I can order in restaurants and stuff.
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