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There are 6 words hidden in the picture, can you find 1 of 6?
Take off my skin - I won't cry, but you will! What am I?

Electric railway

In 1892, Thomas A. Edison was issued three patents for an "Electric Locomotive" and a fourth patent relating to an "Electric Railway" (U.S. Nos. 475,491 -4).

Hari Kondabolu: Arizona Anti-Immigration Laws

Its this anti-immigration legislation that theyre trying to push, where they would allow police officers to racially profile undocumented immigrants, especially people in the Mexican community. I think thats horrendous. But what amazes me is that people support this law. I was watching the news, this woman in Arizona, looking at a camera, straight faced, she says, Hey, were just trying to bring the country back to the way it used to be. The way it used to be? Lady, youre in Arizona. It used to be Mexico.
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