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Which number should replace the question mark?

Cosmonauts on Time cover

In 1962, Russian cosmonauts Andian Nikolayev and Pavel Popvich (who flew the first 2-man mission in space) appeared on the cover of Time Magazine.

Patton Oswalt: The Apocalypse

Were probably going to die in the f**king apocalypse, but you know whats kind of exciting about that is that if the apocalypse actually goes down -- and I mean the f**king biblical apocalypse -- and if that starts to happen -- I mean, like, the ground opening up and demons flying out and gnawing on your flesh -- it means a couple of things. One: It means that Im wrong, and there is God and there is an afterlife. Two: It means that since there is an afterlife, you will be in the f**king VIP section of the afterlife.
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