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Which number should replace the question mark?
MATH PUZZLE: Can you replace the question mark with a number?
MATH PUZZLE: Can you replace the question mark with a number?

Bubble boy

In 1984, a 12-year-old Houston boy, known publicly only as “David,”died. He had spent nearly all his life in a sterile plastic bubble because he had no immunity to disease. He was born at Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, with a rare disorder called severe combined immune deficiency (SCID), David Vetter lacked T-cells. It was thought that transplanted marrow stem cells—precursors to blood cells—could evolve and become the patient's own T-cells. So, on 21 Oct 1983, he received a bone marrow transplant from his older sister. It was intended to stimulate his immune system. By New Year's Day, he was becoming ill. Sadly, despite cleansing treatment, an undetected virus was in the transferred cells. When his death was imminent, on 7 Feb 1984, he left his bubble, and had 15 days of freedom.«

John was driving when a police...

John was driving when a policeman pulled him over. He rolled down his window and said to the officer, "Is there a problem, Officer?"
"No problem at all. I just observed your safe driving and am pleased to award you a $5,000 Safe Driver Award. Congratulations. What do you think you're going to do with the money?"
John thought for a minute and said, "Well, I guess I'll go get that drivers' license."
Judi, sitting in the passenger seat said to the policeman, "Oh, don't pay attention to him -- he's just a wise guy when he's drunk and stoned."
Brian from the back seat said, "I told you guys we wouldn't get far in a stolen car!"
At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a muffled voice said, "Are we over the border yet?"
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